BliMoticons by Bli

Just so you all know, I am open to suggestions for new ones and if you have a special need for a particular emoticon please do get in touch

Also, if anyone finds these really really useful and you feel like throwing a couple quid my way please do ------   email me for details of how you can!

Billoo and Bystanders emoticons (all my own creations)


Bubba n Stix emoticons (all drawn by me in deluxe paint for the Bubba n Stix game)


Random emoticons (all drawn and animated by me)


Groo the Wanderer gifs (Modelled and animated by me)

Characters are © Sergio Aragonés .

Dr Who Gifs (modelled and animated by me for a BBC web game)

Characters are © BBC





(all © H.W.Allison 2005 (unless otherwise stated) - like it will make a difference - still have all the hires versions so remember, i can prove I did them if need be )









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